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Ray Bans Glasses Frames o scan my everyday writing would be a total non starter. But that not really the kind of handwriting I referring to any caling gel and the plain chocolate Hobnobs, and saying to the other Stepford husbands, Hi Marty, I love what you've done with your hair. Hi Gerry, have you tried these fantastic new dishwasher powerballs. Arnie Schwarzenegger, incensed by having his budget plans blocked by some Democrat legislators in his Californian fiefdom, recently told a Canadian political audience If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers'. if they don't have the guts, I call them girly men. What the hell Girly men What kind of Wildean thrust is that Of what class of Churchillian rapier wit is this an example Girly men even when it's said in that gargling with razor blades voice will never be considered a world class rhetorical shaft. I can't imagine Yasser Arafat berating Ariel Sharon with the words Your intractability and lack of compromise are doing you no favours, you big transvestite. I feel the day will never come when David Blunkett informs the House To those who say that the electronic tagging of debt

Ray Bans Glasses Frames ors and prostitutes is inhuman, I say you are a bunch of lady boys. I know the line is from a mid 1980s sketch on Saturday Night Live, in which two hefty Austrian bodybuilders disparaged those less muscular than themselves; but it's still a bit naff to dredge up a humorous depiction of how thick you used to be. Really Arnold. You twit. You seven stone weakling. I was happy to blag one of the last tickets to see Simon Garfunkel in Hyde Park last week. It was perfectly OK to pay 40 for a standing ticket 40 to stand on the grass What a bargain. Sure there's no extra charge for breathing in and out. If I'd been charged 320 for the 40 ticket, as the GetMeTickets organisation charged a Cliff Richard from Kettering this week, I'd have cut up rough. But worse is the attitude displayed by companies who won't honour their commitments. A friend and Bob Dylan fan booked herself a ticket to the Fleadh in Finsbury Park last month on the See Tickets website. She paid 5 over the price for p and something called consequential loss policy, ie, for the loss you incur if the ticket doesn't arrive. She waited, and waited, went on holiday, came back but nothing appeared. On the day of the concert, she was told to try the box office, where they made her

Ray Bans Glasses Frames buy another ticket and she assumed she'd be reimbursed. But she was wrong. They told her that she'd left it too late and they couldn't return her money. But she wailed my ticket never arrived You could prove you sent it to me by ringing the Post Office; then I can claim insurance against its non arrival. Nah, said someone called John at See Tickets. We're not going to do that. It's not company policy. So, my friend has paid 45 for a ticket that never reached her, and now won't be reimbursed because the company can't be arsed to work the insurance procedure they made her pay for. The rats. I'd like to send Dylan round to their offices to sing Idiot Wind at them, until they change their minds.Make You Look Like Jennifer Aniston It's not uncommon for women to be unhappy with a part of their appearance a wide nose, a saggy belly, or lumpy tush. Some women learn to embrace their imperfections, while others opt for plastic surgery. In her new memoir, Official Book Club Selection A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin, the actress, 48, shows a photo of her botched liposuction. She decided to post the picture because I wanted women to know when you get liposuction, trying to be Jennifer Aniston, this is what it really looks like. Kathy got

Ray Bans Glasses Frames

her first nose job at 26 and has spent years trying to change her appearance. She said, I was on a television show and thought that I could be thinner and better and happier. But says she never felt that urge before, when she was a bank teller; her insecurities about how she looks stem from the pressures of being on TV. Although she felt it would make her happy, she wasn't the only one thinking she should get work done. Agents and casting directors advised Kathy to go under the knife too. The comedian isn't sure when it will end because, she admits, I am always going to want to be Jennifer Aniston.Make Your Mark With Calligraphy Is there a massive gap opening up in the way we write On the one hand there are the scribbles we write from time to time, the shopping lists, the directions and the notes we make whilst on the phone. And on the other, we have the more common way of putting down words, the keyboards, keypads and touch screens that today we use to record our weightier thoughts and broadcast our dazzling social lives. So what is the dark, arcane art that is straddled by these extremes Handwriting, of course Obviously I can be bothered to handwrite this article, and believe me, getting my optical character recognition system t.

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